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NFT Explorations


Although Evans has worked as a traditional painter for over 4 decades now, his interest in utilizing the computer as a tool goes all the way back to the mid 1990s when he began experimenting with digital printmaking at David Adamson Editions in Washington, D.C., one of the pioneers of that medium. In 1994 he created a digitally manipulated image for the “Washington Portfolio” the first all digital print portfolio produced in the fine art world. The portfolio was eventually acquired by a number of museums, helping establish digital printmaking as a valid art form.


Evans subsequently purchased his own large format archival digital printer and has continued to explore the possibilities of manipulating and creating images digitally. Evans often works back and forth between digital/physical as he develops concepts for physical paintings or stand alone digital works. NFTs have recently provided an incredible opportunity to present, archive and sell such works – enabling him to also bring new dimensions to the work such as the element of time through animation and owner/artist interactive capabilities.


Evans' NFTs have been minted on numerous platforms such as SuperRare, Foundation, 1stDibsNFT, OpenSea and They have been exhibited online in ArtMeta's Octopus Contemporary Art Museum (OCAM) and a solo exhibit at Monolith Gallery, as well as in physical exhibits at the Institute of Conetemporary Art (ICA) London and a special exhibit at the Davos World Economic Forum in Switzerland. His NFTs can be found in many prominent collections including the Tezos Foundation Permanent Collection. (6).gif


March Dig NFT

A chameleon-like digital interpretation of Evans' drawing March Dig.  Multiple hand-drawn layers which can be turned off/on by each successive owner's genetic informatics from 23&Me. Shown here is an animated GIF switching back and forth between the original March Dig NFT image and an image showing examples of various types of symbollic transitional changes unlocked by specific  DNA sequences. The image was first pioneered for a 2013 Smithsonian genetics conference/exhibit and was adapted as Evans' genesis NFT in 2021. 

More info about this project here

Marietta TrainII.jpg


Marietta Train II

This historic work is based on the original digititally composed painting produced for the Washington Portfolio, published by Adamson Editions in 1994. It was the first all digital print portfolio produced in the fine art world and helped establish digital printmaking as a viable fine art medium. The prints are now in many mueum collections. Remastered as an NFT and recently featured as Professor Jun's "Gem of the Day."

Minted as a 1/1 on - link here

Collection of the Tezos Foundation


Nocturnal Series

Genesis collection on SuperRare. Recently featured by SuperRare Senior Curator An Loremi in her weekly "Top 10 Art to Collect."


Night is a time of mystery, intrigue, reflection, romance, fear, isolation, anxiety, dreams, nightmares. It is a recurring theme in Evans' work - a potent source of imagery and metaphor. Many of these works deal with open ended narratives, a sense that something has happened or is about to happen, presented in a dream-like magic realist framework. Created working back and forth between digital and physical painting processes.

Minted as 1/1s on SuperRare - link here

Burning med size jpeg.jpg



Acid Test NFT Best2lighter2.jpg


Acid Test

The Way Out NFT best2.jpg




The Way Out 



Animation based on the 1997 mixed media work Migration


Minted as a 1/1 on 1stDibs - link here


Fossil II

Animation based on the 1997 mixed media work Fossil


Minted as a 1/1 on 1stDibs - link here


Wunderkammer Collection 

A series of digitally composed works, featuring objects from the natural realm, created by manipulating, altering or piecing together existing paintings with digital painting programs


Minted on Foundation as 1/1s - see the full collection here


Cloud Series Collection 

A series of digitally enhanced works, based on existing drawings and paintings, featuring atmospheric studies of clouds in the Susquehanna River Valley


Minted in editions of 15 on - see the full collection here


Wind and Ice, Susquehanna

Animation based on the 2015 painting Wind and Ice, Susquehanna with digitally manipulated 19th century frame


Minted as a 1/1 on 1stDibs - link here

Net - best still3 for twitter lighter.jpg


Working Late

Animation based on the 2016 painting Working Late with digitally manipulated 17th century Dutch frame 

Minted as a 1/1 on 1stDibs - link here


Storm Over Kitty Hawk

Digitally manipulated work  based on the 1992 painting Storm Over Kitty Hawk


Minted as a 1/1 on - link here



Digitally manipulated work  based on the 2005 painting Net


Minted as a 1/1 on - link here

Cloud Series.jpg
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