Drawing on the Susquehanna :
Four Centuries of Artistic Inspiration and Commerce



Curated by Rob Evans

Overview:  This exhibit, which includes approximately 60 works, examines the influence of the Susquehanna River as an artistic muse and commercial driver for prominent American artists who, over several centuries, explored the river’s shores and utilized its imagery as part of a greater initiative to promote the American landscape. These artists worked in a diverse range of media often experimenting with some of the newest technologies of the day including wood, copper and steel engravings; hand colored lithographs and chromolithographs; etchings; transfer decorated china; and paintings and drawings. Many of the prints, framed individually in the exhibit, were used to illustrate elaborately bound oversized coffee table books and portfolios which marketed the American landscape as a picturesque destination, and are displayed in the exhibit alongside actual copies of the books in which they appeared. In all, the exhibit presents a unique portrait a single subject over four centuries, documenting, through the eyes of artists, the Susquehanna's many moods and manifestations, as well as the progression of human habitation and development along its shores.


Background: For nearly four decades artist and independent curator Rob Evans has lived, raised a family and worked in his studio on a ridge overlooking the Susquehanna River in eastern York County, PA. Evans' ties to the Susquehanna run deep as both his parents were raised along its shores, his mother on adjoining property to his farm, and his father further upriver near Wilkes Barre, PA. Most of Evans' paintings and drawings depict the Susquehanna River Valley landscape and its flora/fauna, whether metaphorically or through direct observation.


In 2005 Evans embarked on a curatorial project to explore his roots as a Susquehanna painter and the resulting traveling exhibit, "Visions of the Susquehanna: 250 Years of Paintings by American Masters," featured works by such renowned American landscape painters as Benjamin West, Joshua Shaw, Thomas Doughty, Sanford Gifford, Thomas Moran, Jasper Cropsey, George Inness, and Charles Demuth among others.


While Visions of the Susquehanna focused primarily on major studio paintings intended for exhibit in expositions and which eventually disappeared into the homes of wealthy private collectors, Drawing on the Susquehanna takes a slightly different angle, exploring the artists direct engagement with their public through the dissemination of their work via commercial partnerships with various industries and businesses, utilizing the most current printing technologies available to them. Through mass publication worldwide in maps, books, portfolios, journals, magazines, newspapers and decorated china they not only self-promoted but helped make the Susquehanna one of the most popular and well known rivers worldwide along with its sister east coast river, the Hudson. Even before the Hudson River School of landscape painting took shape, the Susquehanna played a role in influencing and inspiring some of the first truly American artists, writers and poets. Although no formal "Susquehanna School" of painters has ever been delineated, this exhibit argues that such an influential school has taken shape over the last several centuries and continues to this day.

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Exhibition Tour Schedule


November 2, 2019 - February 10, 2020

Historic Hellam Preserve, Hellam, PA


April 18 - May 13, 2020

Lore Degenstein Gallery,

Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, PA


Fall 2020 (tentative)

Governor’s Residence, Harrisburg, PA

Booking available through 2025

Drawing on the Susquehanna on view at the Historic Hellam Preserve

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Display case featuring Bartlett's American Scenery

Selected Works from the Exhibit


For full catalog and essay click here 

Doughty - Banks of the Juniata 1830.jpg
a1.John Smith Map 1627.jpg



Matthaus Merian the Elder (1593 - 1650)

John Smith Map of Virginia

From Theodore De Bry's "Grand Voyages"

copper plate engraving with hand coloring, 1627

a2.Sasquesahanok 1673.jpg
a3.A View on the Juniata - Columbia Mag



Artist unknown

A View on the Juniata River

From August 1788 issue of "Columbian Magazine"

copper plate engraving, 1788



Arnoldus Montanus (1625 - 1683)


From "A New and Unknown World: A Description of America"

copper plate engraving with letterpress, 1673



George Cooke (1781 - 1834)

Wright's Ferry on the Susquehanna, Pennsylvania

engraving with aquatint, 1812




Artist Unknown (illustration in The Port Folio for "The Foresters" poem by Alexander Wilson)

Scene on the Susquehanna

engraving, 1809




Jacques Gérard Milbert (1766 - 1840)

Machine for the Portage on the Susquehanna 

From Milbert's "Itinéraire Pittoresque du Fleuve Hudson" 

lithograph chine colle, 1828

a5.Lucas - Falls of the Susquehanna Abov



After John H. B. Latrobe (1803 - 1891)

Sky in Stormy Weather - Falls of the Susquehanna Above Columbia

From Fielding Lucas' "Progressive Drawing Book"

hand colored engraving with aquatint, 1827

a6.Lucas - View on the Susquehanna 1827.



After John H. B. Latrobe (1803 - 1891)

Dark Foreground - View on the Susquehanna

From Fielding Lucas' "Progressive Drawing Book"

hand colored engraving with aquatint, 1827




After Abner Reeder (1766 - 1841)

An Attempt to Burn John Harris

lithograph with hand coloring, 1839



After Thomas Doughty (1793 - 1856)

Banks of the Juniata

From "The Token"

engraving, 1830

Turner - Gertrude of Wyoming - 1843.jpg



After Joseph Mallord William Turner  (1755 - 1851)

The Waterfall - Gertrude of Wyoming

From "Poetical Works of Thomas Campbell"

engraving, 1837

a7.Cole - Headwaters of the Juniata 1834



After Thomas Cole (1801 - 1848)

The Headwaters of the Juniata, Allegheny Mountains, Pennsylvania

From John Howard Hinton's "History and Topography of the United States"

steel plate engraving, 1831

B5a. Ridgway - Bartlett - Columbia Bridg



After William H. Bartlett (1809 - 1854)

Columbia Bridge (on the Susquehanna)

blue transferware ceramic pitcher produced by

William Ridgway and Sons, Stffordshire, England, c.1844



After Thomas Cole (1801 - 1848)

The Headwaters of the Juniata

red transferware ceramic soup plate produced by

William Adams and Sons, Staffordshire, England, c.1831 - 61

B5. Bartlett - Columbia Bridge c1840.jpg



After William H. Bartlett (1809 - 1854)

Columbia Bridge (on the Susquehanna)

From Bartlett's "American Scenery"

steel plate engraving, 1838



Emma Catherine Embury (1806 - 1863)

Nature's Gems - American Wildflowers in their Native Haunts

First edition, with illustrations by Edwin Whitefield

published by Appleton, NY, 1845

Edwin Whitefield - Embury Title page.jpg



Edwin Whitefield (1816 - 1892)

Study for Title Page of "Nature's Gems"

pencil and watercolor, 1845

Whitefield - Wild Strawberry 1845.jpg
Whitefield - Adder's Tongue Violet 1845.
Whitefield - Wild Columbine.jpg
Whitefield - Wild Honeysuckle.jpg
Whitefield - Early Aesclepias.jpg
Whitefield - Azure Star Flower.jpg



After Edwin Whitefield (1816 - 1892)

various plates from "Nature's Gems - American Wildflowers in Their Native Haunts" featuring the Susquehanna River in the background,

all hand colored chromolithographs, 1845

C2. Catlin - London Illustrated News 185



After George Catlin (1796 - 1872)

Water Hunting For Deer, A Night Scene on the River Susquehanna, Pennsylvania

From April 11, 1857 issue of the "Illustrated London News"

wood engraving, 1857

Thomas Moran - View From the Bluffs at C



After Thomas Moran (1837 - 1926)

View From the Bluffs at Catawissa

From June, 1862 issue of the "Harpers Monthly Magazine"

wood engraving, 1862

Occupation of Wrightsville 1863.jpg



After Albert Berghaus (active 1860 - 1880)

Occupation of Wrightsville, Pa., by Lees Army...

From July 18, 1863 issue of  "Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper"

wood engraving, 1863

Cropsey - American Autumn 1865.jpg



After Jasper F. Cropsey (1823 - 1900)

American Autumn, Starucca Valley, Erie R. Road

signed by the artist

19 color chromolithograph, c.1867

Granville Perkins - The Susquehanna (at



After Granville Perkins (1830 - 1895)

The Susquehanna (at Hunter's Gap)

From William Cullen Bryant's "Picturesque America"

steel plate engraving, 1873

George Smillie - On the Susquehanna.jpg



After George H. Smillie (1840 - 1921)

On the Susquehanna (Near Great Bend, NY)

From "Gallery of Landscape Painters - American Scenery"

steel plate engraving, 1869

Currier and Ives - Valley of the Susqueh



Nathaniel Currier (1813 - 1888) and James Ives (1824 - 1895)

The Valley of the Susquehanna

large folio, hand colored lithograph, c.1870s

Julius Augustus Beck - Chickies Rock c18



Julius Augustus Beck (1831 - 1917)

Chickies Rock

watercolor, c.1898

Kuhler - Harnessing the Susquehanna, Saf



John L. Lehman (1916 - 2012)

Construction of the Route 30 Bridge (on the Susquehanna)

oil on canvas, c.1970



Otto Kuhler (1894 - 1977)

Harnessing the Susquehanna: Safe Harbor Dam

etching, 1930




Rob Evans (b. 1959)


digital pigment print, 2005