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March Dig NFT 

Portal Instructions



As an Edition NFT Holder, you are permitted to access the March Dig DNA portal to transform the artwork using your own DNA.  Here are the instructions and conditions for this.


  • To make use of the portal and DNA features of this artwork, you must have used the DNA profiling service to obtain a personal DNA analysis.  The artwork requires you to retrieve your raw DNA data from 23andMe to complete the DNA transformation.  Some important notes before you proceed:

    • The artists have no relationship whatsoever with 23andMe (other than being customers ourselves) - it is just the dataset we have crafted the project around because it’s comprehensive and convenient.  

    • The DNA portal intentionally does NOT transfer your raw DNA data over the internet, and the portal does not receive or store your identity or your raw DNA data at all.  The bulk of the DNA transformation actually happens in your web browser, on your computer.

    • You are responsible for safeguarding your DNA raw data, and the artists assume no responsibility whatsoever for use or misuse of these data in your possession.  You are participating in this project at your own risk.

    • When you access the portal, you must agree to the project’s terms of service and privacy policy - please actually read these carefully.


  • If you have not obtained your data from 23andMe yet, and you wish to do so, first you must sign up for their service and follow the instructions.  As of this writing, any level of their service will provide the necessary data to drive the NFT.  Please note that it can take several weeks to complete the entire process of ordering, receiving your kit, submitting your sample, and awaiting analysis and results.  Once your results are in from 23andMe, you can proceed with the remainder of these instructions.

    • Log in to your 23andMe account, and in the profile menu (your little picture in the upper right of the 23andMe webpage) select “Browse Raw Data”

    • Near the top center of the Browse Raw Data screen you will see a tab labeled “Download” - select this.

    • Read the Download page disclaimers carefully - we actually consider this to be an important part of experiencing this artwork.  When you are ready to proceed, scroll down to the bottom of that page and press the “Submit Request” button to receive your raw data.

    • Usually within a few minutes, you should receive an email from 23andMe notifying you that your data download is ready.  Click the button in the email to download your raw data file.  Save it somewhere on your computer where you can find it easily.

    • The data will be downloaded in a ZIP file.  To use the portal, you must unzip this file first - it contains a very large text file (.txt extension) - usually starting with “genome_…” and your name.  This is the file you will use with the portal.


  • When ready to perform the DNA transformation, proceed to the March Dig NFT DNA portal, at

  • To transform your artwork, login using Metmask, with the wallet containing your NFT selected.  This works similarly to how you would login to Opensea, for instance.

  • Once you are logged in to the portal, you will see a “Choose file” button at the top of the page.  Press this, and select the unzipped (.txt) version of your DNA raw data file that you received from 23andMe in the previous instructions.  

  • Once you have submitted your data file, the portal will begin its work.  This can take several minutes, depending on how fast your computer is.  During this time do not be alarmed if your web browser pops up warnings that the “page is unresponsive” - because a lot of math is being done in your web browser, this is normal and you can simply ignore it (or press the Wait button if you wish).

  • When the transformation is complete, you will see the changes fade in - this is a magical moment.  When the new image is revealed, you may download it and save it for your own enjoyment, so you don’t have to re-visit the portal.  Simply click on the image, and it will open full-size in a new browser tab.  Switch to this tab and right-click on the image to save it somewhere where you can find it again.  This is your personalized version of the artwork.  

  • If you are the first buyer of the specific NFT you are holding, then you are entitled to a physical print of this image if you wish - please contact the artist for details.  Subsequent holders of the NFT may also be able to obtain physical prints at an extra cost, at the artists’ discretion.


Please note that availability of the portal is not guaranteed.  The artists intend to make all reasonable efforts to assist NFT holders who are struggling to use the portal, but beyond the first round of buyers we simply can’t guarantee forever into the future that the portal will work.  It is possible, for instance, that 23andMe will discontinue access to raw data, or significantly change the format in ways that break the portal.  Such things are beyond our control.  This uncertainty can be considered a part of the artwork in itself.

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