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Rob Evans :
Four Decades of Work

Exhibition Tour Schedule


November 2, 2019 - March 30, 2020

Historic Hellam Preserve, Hellam, PA

Booking now open - available through 2025

Exhibition Details and Rental Information


Overview:  This exhibit, which includes approximately 40 works, examines the development of Pennsylvania artist Rob Evans' artistic career over four decades. Beginning with early works from his college years at Syracuse University studying under Jerome Witkin, the exhibit follows his transition to a mature, personal and unique artistic voice as he eventually moved to his maternal grandparent's property on a ridge overlooking the Susquehanna River near Wrightsville, PA, a location where he would remain, raise a family and maintain a studio for his entire career. Most of the works in the exhibit portray this property and the surrounding Susquehanna Valley in some form - ranging from early drawings and paintings from his psychologically charged "Seven Rooms" series which examined the interior spaces in the farmhouse, to narrative works which metaphorically incorporate the local flora and fauna into large scale multi-paneled triptychs and altarpieces, to more direct plein air and observational studies of the landscape, clouds, weather and natural artifacts discovered on walks around the property. 



Approximately 40 framed works in a variety of media including oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, pastel and graphite drawings, mixed media works, lithographs, digital prints and sketchbooks. Works range in size from 90 inches wide to miniatures just 4 inches wide. 


Exhibit can accommodate any size exhibition space - can be scaled down for smaller spaces or expanded for larger spaces by bringing in additional museum loans or works from private collections


Exhibit rental includes:  


In-coming and out-going shipping and packing/unpacking


Assistance with exhibit design, layout and installation/take down

Wall labels and signage

Curator's gallery talk or lecture

Coordination with educational programs

Assistance with press and publicity

Exhibit loan fee:  


$7,500 (negotiable depending on size of space and duration of exhibit,

assistance with securing sponsorship available) Includes full curatorial

services (assistance with layout/installation/take down) as well as

unpacking/packing and shipping to and from

Contributions are welcome to support this project

and to help underwrite exhibition costs!






Thank you so much for your support!

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Selected Works from the Exhibit

Note: most of the works below are from the Roundtop Trust Collection or the artist's personal collection and are available for the entire tour. Works listed as "private collection" are available for loan throughout most of the tour but may be unavailable for certain time periods

Copy of Solar Homesteadblur.jpg


Solar Homestead

1982, mixed media on paper,

20 x 29 inches

Copy of Plymouth5.jpg



1983, mixed media on paper,

22 x 28 inches

Private Collection

Copy of Sundeck.jpg



1984, mixed media on paper,

20 x 28 inches

The Patio.jpg


The Patio

1984, mixed media on paper,

17 x 21 inches



Two Maples

1985, mixed media on paper,

14 x 15 inches

Copy of Peppers.jpg



1984, mixed media on paper,

21 x 25 inches

Private Collection

16. March Dig I 1985 final for screen ti


March Dig I

1985, graphite on paper,

21 x 25 inches

Copy of March Dig II (9 inch)2.jpg


March Dig II

1985, mixed media on paper,

21 x 25 inches

Gravity Air big .jpg


Gravity Air

1992, graphite on museum board,

40 x 60 inches

Copy of 18. Power Lines I 1986 final for


Power Lines I

1986, graphite on paper,

21 x 25 inches

Private Collection

Copy of 22. Power Lines II 1987 final fo


Power Lines II

1987, mixed media on paper,

21 x 25 inches

Private Collection

Copy of Evening Ritual 18 big.jpg


Evaning Ritual

1989, oil on panels,

40 x 90 inches

19. Late Dinner I 1987 final for screen


Late Dinner I

1987, graphite on museum board,

8 x 12 inches


Late Dinner II

1989, mixed media over stone lithograph,

8 x 12 inches


Late Dinner

1988, stone lithopgraph,

8 x 12 inches




1993, acrylic on panel,

24 x 72 inches

Pregnant Plant2.jpg


Pregnant Plant

1995, pastel,

21 x 28 inches

Private Collection

Study for Fossil.jpg


Study for Fossil

1996, charcoal on paper,

9 x 13 inches



1996, charcoal and conte on paper,

40 x 30 inches

Copy of Predator9.jpg



2000, oil on prepared paper,

23 x 41 inches

Private Collection




2000, watercolor,

21 x 19.5 inches

Private Collection

Fossil Best 8 inchorg July_20177.jpg



1997, mixed media on paper,

27 x 38 inches




1997, mixed media on paper,

20 x 27.75 inches

Private Collection

Post Season.jpg


Post Season

2002, watercolor,

11 x 15 inches

Beach at Night best 2017best.jpg


Beach at Night

2001, watercolor,

31 x 31 inches




2002, manipulated pigment print,

9 x 13 inches

Elizabeth Quinn Sleeping.jpg


Elizabeth Quinn Sleeping

2005, 6 color hand pulled lithograph

from 1 stone and 5 plates,

10.3 x 10 inches

Rob Evans_Origins3.jpg



2007, oil on museum board mounted on shaped aluminum panels,

84 x 76 x 6 inches (altarpiece/triptych)

Study for Movement3.jpg


Study for Movement

2010, mixed media over pigment print,

37 x 33 inches

Fire and Ice2.jpg


Fire and Ice

2004, digitally manipulated pigment print,

23 x 19 inches

Stone River Farm, Winter.jpg



2012, pastel on museum board,

18.25 x 32.5 inches

Private Collection

Susquehanna Nocturne4.jpg


Susquehanna Nocturne

2015, pastel on museum board,

11 x 13 inches

Private Collection




2016, pastel on museum board,

12 x 12 inches

Private Collection

Restoration2 .jpg



2015, pastel on museum board,

22 x 31 inches

Private Collection

Resting Swans best for screen.jpg


Resting Swans

2018, pastel on museum board,

12 x 17 inches

River Rose.jpg


River Rose

2017, pastel on museum board,

12 x 12 inches

Private Collection

The Way Out best no border sharp3.jpg


The Way Out

2017, pastel on museum board,

12 x 9 inches

Storm Clouds, Chickies.jpg


Storm Clouds, Chickies

2018, pastel on museum board,

11 x 17 inches

Private Collection

Sunset, Susquehanna4small6.jpg


Sunset, Susquehanna

2018, pastel on museum board,

18 x 24.75 inches

Private Collection

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